Testimonials from Campground Membership Members

Testimonials from 

Campground Membership Members

“It’s comforting to know each resort has security and plenty of planned activities”

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Babin

Bush, Louisiana

This year we traveled to Florida for 2 months and to New England for 1 month, to date our total overnight expense is under $500.”  

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cargile

Livingston, Texas

“An absolute must for a part time or fulltimer”

Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Look

Tawas City, Michigan

“Until we discovered private membership camping, we had seriously considered selling our RV.  On a fixed income and with many “open to the public campgrounds” charging $25 or more per night, we did not see how we could afford to continue traveling.  Paying $5 per night with our membership has been the best thing for us.”

Mr. and Mrs. Phil Tribuzio

Marysville, Washington

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